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OCD Mukti

"O.C.D. Mukti Kit"
The Unparallel Drug Free O.C.D. Solution

The materials on this website may change your life forever and bring everlasting happiness!
If you don’t believe in permanent cure of your sufferings and wish to take medicines all through your life,
then please don’t read ahead…

Who Else Want To Effortlessly Get Rid Of Unwanted Thoughts & OCD And Start Living Their Life Again?


Dear friend,

Do you feel like your mind is a broken CD, that just gets stuck in the same old rut repeating the same old thoughts over and over again? And these thoughts may not be what we would call the most “positive thoughts”. They just seem to barge in and linger there, intruding in on your life and putting you into a bad state of mind. Often painting a picture of the worst case scenario, along with all the possibilities of what could go wrong. Or even worse, the thoughts make you question or second guess yourself. All of this thinking can leave a person feeling anxious, overwhelmed and exhausted.



Think For A Moment Think For A Moment

Think For A Moment…….

Is this familiar with You-or Any of Your Loved Ones or Friends ?


  • Tired of being a host to intrusive thoughts?
  • Feeling constantly plagued by worrying ideas and thoughts?
  • Feeling something terribly wrong with you because of the ideas that come into your head?
  • Tormented by the pressures of obsessive compulsive disorder?
  • Running life around seemingly pointless repetitive rituals and behaviors in order to get any peace of mind?
  • Have a hard time getting rid of unwanted, negative thoughts?
  • Thoughts lingering in mind for long periods of time, affecting mood & feelings?
  • Have suicidal thoughts or thoughts of harming yourself or other...
  • Feeling Low-Ill tempered -Worried-Anxious-Stressed & Not Enjoying Life?

If You Can answer Yes to these Questions, And if You; Want to stop checking, counting, cleaning, etc.? Would you like to control troublesome, recurring thoughts? Want to feel calm and relaxed? Need a boost of self-esteem? Want to say Good Bye to Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)? Ready to Take Back CONTROL of Your Mind?, then please take just few minutes to learn more about our Incredibly Powerful remedies designed ever to Overcome OCD forever..


If you have been waiting for the right approach to eliminate Your O.C.D. ,
you don’t have to wait any longer to convert your imagination into reality.

Finally You’ve got a better & solid solution to cope with your Obsession problems.  


O.C.D. Mukti Kit is Flat Out The Fastest,Easiest and Most Powerful Way

To Banish O.C.D. & Change Your Life Forever……Guaranteed!

 OCD Mukti Kit


 This Program has been designed for those  with serious LONG TERM Anxiety Disorders…

No matter How Skeptical You are Right Now…No matter how bad you think your problem is, that you have had it for far too long (Years?Decades?)…and that you can’t be cured..please just suspend your disbelief, read this page and give this a try


Just A Few Minutes on this page Can Help You To Eliminate All Reasons for  Obsessive Compulsive Disorder  Forever…!

Don’t Let Your Limiting Beliefs keep you from getting ahead…


But Firstly, Let Us Unveil These Interesting Facts About O.C.D.


*Although adults realize in part that these obsessions and compulsions are senseless, they have great difficulty stopping them. 

*Often OCD affects the family.  Family members are sometimes drawn into the OCD behavior. Disability may affect family finances.

*OCD affects men and women equally.

*OCD can start at any age. In one third of adult patients the symptoms begin in childhood, adolescence or young adulthood.

*The untreated symptoms may vary for years. The symptoms may go away, remain the same or worsen.

*Evidence suggests that OCD runs in some families and may be genetically inherited.

*It is not uncommon for a person with OCD to also have clinical depression, panic attacks, or both.

*Persons having OCD often cleverly hide their OCD successfully from family and friends and coworkers

*OCD afflicts approximately 2% of the population worldwide… 



OCD Brief

O.C.D. - Good For Nothing Obsession

Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is an anxiety characterized by intrusive thoughts that produce uneasiness, apprehension, fear, or worry; by repetitive behaviors aimed at reducing the associated anxiety; or by a combination of such obsessions and compulsions. Symptoms of the disorder include excessive washing or cleaning; repeated checking; extreme hoarding; preoccupation with sexual, violent or religious thoughts;; and nervous rituals, such as opening and closing a door a certain number of times before entering or leaving a room.

OCD has its roots deep within the mind ,and this is why conscious efforts and actions just don’t work for OCD Sufferers …This is why it is important to use a method of treatment which Cleanses & Empowers Your Energy System and bypasses your conscious thoughts, penetrates directly into your subconscious mind to eliminate all OCD causes at the source.



 Left untreated, O.C.D. can have a massively negative impact on all areas of your life!

Forget everything You have Heard about  O.C.D. Causes.

You’re not sick.


The causes of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder are Not What You Think

Contrary to what you may have heard, the root of all  Insomnia Causes,Lies within this Discovery Statement :-   

“Disruption in the Body’s Energy system is the Root Cause of all Negative Emotions & Sufferings”

Worry and Anxiety are the energy blockages & Imbalances in the area of  the Heart & Brow Chakras


O.C.D. is a curse, but you don't have to suffer forever!


For the First Time Ever You Have the All Most Powerful Tool Ever Created to Bring About Long Lasting and Effective Personal Change!


Our Professional Staff have combined their talents & pooled their expertise in creating this fully comprehensive OCD Mukti Kit


With help from this powerful Program-The OCD Mukti Kit, your  life can really start to turn around for the better---You really can start living the life to the fullest, seeing more respect and Success and Living the Life you want…



Imagine For A Moment

Imagine For A Moment……


How would it feel to finally say 'goodbye' to OCD….

What would it be like to simply re-ignite your zest for life without compulsions…

What it would be like to be able to having Complete Control on your Mind, Always Living a Serene & Blissful life…Enjoying the Life to its more Calm…More Relaxed…More focused , more alert, and even healthier! And enjoying every moment of your life!



"Discover How Easy & Convenient It Is To Get A Calm,Relaxed & Blissful Living"

Our OCD Mukti Kit  helps You to unblock Your energy System, raise your vibratory level and naturally rewire your sleeping habits and patterns , aiding  you to stay asleep right through the night by phasing out all Reasons and Symptoms of OCD.

These Spiritual Mind Reprogramming Downloads penetrate deep within your subconscious mind to remove the sub conscious blockages which are causing  your OCD and stopping you from enjoying the life to the fullest.



Easy To Use

It’s Surprisingly Simple &  Easy To Use

tickSpiritual Hypnosis is the easiest way to affect change in your life because the positive messages go
      straight to your subconscious mind effortlessly so you can accomplish your goals and reach for the

tickAll you do is Lie Back and Listen to Our Mind Re-Engineering Spiritual Hypnosis Sound Tracks…
tickNo Concentration or Prior experience needed…
tickYou don’t have to worry about staying awake to hear what’s on the recording because the messages
      go to your subconscious mind anyway and the Spiritual hypnotherapy is highly effective whether
      you remain semi-conscious or fall completely unconscious while listening.

tickYou Might be a Obsessed person today,..but a Dynamic FreeMinded individual tomorrow 


Say “No” To Pills
If YOU are suffering from serious Obsession disorders,

or are dependent on some kind of pharmaceutical sleep aid,
then its now time to shut the door on sleep inducing drugs and
Buy OCD Mukti Kit
to wipe out all symptoms of OCD & its Underlying Causes


It’s No Wonder that OCD Mukti Kit is No.1 Choice to Permanently Cure Insomnia


It’s Packed With  Outstanding Unparallel Features!


Life Changing Matchless Features of Each Audio Program

1: Connecting  Your Higher Self with the Omniscient Source Energy in the Spiritual Realm.

2: Releasing all negative patterns in the presence of Divine Powers.

3: Cleaning & Recharging Your Energy System with Spiritual Healing.

4: Clearing  & Removing of detrimental & negative programs and downloading of New Positive Beliefs &  attitudes by the Divine Powers.

5: Laying a new positive foundation by Embedding Transformational Hetreo Suggestions in the mind system.

6: Cementing the changes together so that they last with Repetitive Suggestion Techniques.

7: Manifestation of Your Dreams by Empowering your Neuro System using Neuro Linguistic Programming Techniques and 
Creative Visualization, enabling your Mind to Bring Guaranteed Results in a Shortest Possible Time. 

     You Realize Your dreams in accordance with Universal Laws (Viz; Law of Attraction, Law of Vibration,Law of Divine Oneness,Law of Action,
     Law of Manifestation, Law of Gratitude, Law of Cause & Effect, The Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy, Law of Polarity,
Law of Rhythm, Law of Gender.

8: An Additional Subliminal Messaging Track included in every Audio Program to bypass Conscious Intervention and Self Sabotage.
     This ensures the desired results in the shortest possible time frame. 


Treatment Procedure in Manroop Emo Mental Care "Know How It Works"

The Aim of all the  albums in OCD Mukti Kit is to naturally rewire your damaging habits & patterns and help you to transform your life

Step 1: Our Spiritual Healing Grandmaster in a deep meditative state psychically read your Bio energy field which includes your Aura & All the
                 Major Chakras and also your Physical,Mental,Emotional & Spiritual Levels.This is done using various Remote Intuitive Technology
                 Techniques & Regression therapy.

Step 2: Our expert team Remotely Clear  & Remove all Negative Thought Forms & Entities which are the Root Cause of All Of Your Sufferings 
                 from Your Bio Energy Field thus releasing all resistances to your happy & blissfully abundant life.

Step 3: All blockages in your energy field ,which resulted from intrusion of entities,are unblocked using various bio energy healing therapies like
                 Reiki,Angelic Healing etc. and smooth flow of energy is restored in your energy channels ,thus raising the vibratory level which is an
                 essential part of your well being at all levels of existence.

Step 4: Our Soul Healing Experts Remotely heal lYour soul, Mind & Body to bring about personal changes in  your physical,emotional ,mental &
                 spiritual well being.All your previous karmas are Cleared & Healed and all organs and thought forms are harmonized  & synchronized
                 with your Divine Purpose. This is brought about using different Soul Mind Body healing Therapies.

Step 5: Our Theta Healing Expert therapists Remotely replace the defective  genes in your energy System and  reactivate your DNA using the
                 All Powerful Theta DNA Healing Techniques.

Step 6: New Beneficial Beliefs & Programs are downloaded deep into Your Subconscious Mind  through Our  Scientifically proven  unparallel
                 Digital Audio Programs & Cds using a Magical Combination of Spiritual Hypnosis,Bio Feed Back Therapy,Creative Visualization,
                 Neuro Linguistic Programming,Auto Suggestion Therapy & Reality Manifesting Meditation & Subliminal Programming.

                 All universal laws of Personal Transformations are activated in our systematically & specifically formulated Audio programs.   



Here’s What You Get in OCD Mukti Kit


 Cd1 Anchaahe Vichar MuktiOCD Mukti Audio-01 “Anchahe Vichar Mukti”

tickGet Rid Of ALL Your UNWANTED Thoughts - STOP Damaging Thoughts That Seem Uncontrollable, Become FREE Again – And Regain Control Of Your MIND with this Audio prograd.


tickThis Amazing Anchaahe Vichaar Mukti  Spiritual Hypnosis download Will transform your life by:

      teaching you how to calm down your emotional responses quickly and easily

      getting you detached from the content of random thoughts

      enabling you to see clearly again without unwanted thoughts getting in your way

      letting go of unconscious worries and tensions and automatically retrain your brain to let go the racing repetitive troublesome thoughts.


tickYou will Get Rid of Unwanted thoughts for Good and Begin Living your life again

tickYou Will Learn To Instantly Relax Your Mind anytime Unwanted Thoughts dare to intrude your brain.



 Cd2 Vyakulta MuktiOCD Mukti Audio-02 “Vyakulta Mukti”

tickThe Vyakulta Mukti Audio will ease feelings of anxiety while increasing your sense of self worth and empowerment. You will be able to let go of worry, doubt and suspicion. You will be able to feel safe, comfortable and have more faith in yourself and your abilities. The encouraging messages will help you remember that you already completed a task and help you feel that you don't need to repeat it. You will no longer see the need or have the desire to follow rituals!

tickThis program will enhance the communication between your mind and body to:

control undesired thoughts and impulses                   minimize the need for compulsive behavior

reduce stress and anxiety                                                improve your memory

improve your trust in your memory and yourself     improve self esteem feel safe, comfortable and secure

release you of worry, doubt and suspicion


 Cd3 ShoonyataOCD Mukti Audio-03 “Shoonyata”

tickThis Shoonayata Spiritual Hypnosiss program will allow you to clear your mind, thereby releasing daily stress. This will bring in you a marked improvement in your mental, emotional and physical health allowing you to experience a profound sense of peacefulness

tickThis program retrain your mind to be completely at ease and comfortable. No outside thoughts  will bother you and you will be  at total peace.

tickClearing your mind is beneficial on so many levels. It allows you to reduce stress, calm down and even think more clearly. It will allow you to reach that remote part of your mind where your thoughts seem miles away.

 tickThe benefits of this Shoonayata program are limitless. You will feel like a new person. Give yourself the ability to easily clear your mind and see how great the results can be.


 Cd4 Manograstita MuktiOCD Mukti Audio-04 “Manograstita Mukti”

tickManogaristata Rog Mukti is an audio Spiritual Hypnosis session developed by experienced psychologists to help you retrain your brain safely and easily.

tickThrough this life-changing audio download you will :-

 Retrain your mind to  not only beat the OCD but help you in so many other  areas of your life

 Release negative urges and anxieties & become more and more detached from worrying thoughts

 Create new empowering beliefs that support you     

 Dissolve limiting thoughts and beliefs

 Install feelings that give you freedom and safety

 Construct empowering behaviours that drive you forward



subliminal aura cleaning “Aura Clearing Subliminal Audio”

Many problems are caused by entity contamination. These problems include: depression, anxiety, fears, Addictions,& Insomnia.
This Subliminal Audio Program packed with powerful Mantras Help You to:
*Release and Clear Psychic Attacks, Curses and Negative thought forms from Your Aura.
*Re-charge Aura with Positive Energies.
*Protect and Shield Your Aura against Negative Intrusions.
*You can Now Allow Life Energy to Flow Freely Through You! As you Listen to this Subliminal Program, You will Naturally Release Blockages, Expand your energy Field,
and gain a sense of bliss and mental expansion…


chi ball- energy ball "84 Distant Sessions" (Chi-Ball Method)
Usui Reiki,Karuna Reiki & Angelic Healing

*These powerful healing modalities of Bio Energy Healing treats the whole person, including body, mind and spirit creating beneficial effects.
*These modalities heals by flowing through the affected parts of the Energy Field & charging them with positive energy.
*These raise the vibratory level of the energy field in and around the physical body where negative thoughts and feelings are attached, thus clearing and healing the energy pathways,
allowing the life force to flow in a healthy and natural way.


soul healing"21 Remote Soul Healing Sessions"

"Heal the Soul First, then healing of the mind and body will follow" - Dr. Zhi Gang Sha,MD.

*Humanity suffers at the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. A human being needs healing for the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.
*Soul can Heal, Boost Energy, Stamina, Vitality & Immunity, Prolong Life and Transform every aspect of Life including Finances and Relationships; as well as reach Enlightenment.
*Experience the power of soul to influence and transform all life.
*This modality of Bio Energy Healing is creating miracles every day


theta healing"21 Non Local Sessions of Theta-DNA Healing"

*The DNA is the blueprint for our life processes.DNA tells our cells what they have been,
what they will continue to be, and what they will become.
*Theta Healing is an extra ordinary new technique that allows for immediate physical and emotional transformations & healings.

*DNA Activation raises your vibrational frequency & cellular vibrations.It increase inner peace
and calmness by shifting out of fear and doubt.

*You can heal yourself from sicknesses,physical ,emotional,mental and psychological ailments and reprogram yourself for abundance,success,love,happiness and anything else you can imagine.



 You Can Now Take A Closer Look On What You’ll Achieve With The OCD Mukti Kit

 NoticeNotice This

  • Take Back CONTROL of Your Mind
  • Boost Self Esteem
  • Feel like a new person
  • Be Calm & Relaxed
  • Experience Total Tranquility & Peacefulness
  • Think more clearly
  • Feelings of Freedom & Safety
  • Empowered Behaviours
  • Detachment from worrisome thoughts
  • Freedom from doubts & suspicions
  • Have Positive effect on your overall mental, emotional and physical health.
  • And A Blissful Longer Life!
  • And much much  more.......

Think How Much You Stand To Gain and how Little It costs You



OCD Mukti Kit is a dynamic, affordable & the Best OCD Solution available so far Because...

tickIts an amazing, unique, matchless combination of Bio Energy Healing, Spiritual Hypnosis and Subliminal Programming which fixes the root cause of your Problem.

tickIt Solves Your OCD Problem permanently making changes at Spiritual Level which works like a Charm!



Think How Much You Stand To Gain and How Little It costs You

OCD Mukti Kit

Regular Download Price Rs.2,999/-

Click Here to Download 




If You were to CHANGE YOUR LIFE forever,
You might notice that when You make this purchase,how easily those changes can occur!


OCD Mukti Kit 

 Regular Download Price for Spiritual Hypnosis Programs & Bio Energy Healing Sessions Rs.2,999

Click Here for Instant Download

The Lowest Price Ever For A Limited Period Only


Guarantee Guarantee

No Risk! No Obligations!
100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

We believe in our program 100% As We have intensely Researched and Put everything possible into it To make it The Most Powerful , Comprehensive, Unparallel Program in the World With amazing 100% Success Rate…


Make This Moment The Turning Point Of Your Life

Buy Not Quick & Easy Relief  but Easy Permanent Cure

If You’re To Buy this product, you might notice AMAZING RESULTS to the point where you feel happy for buying it! 

OCD Mukti Kit 

Click Here To Download Your OCD Mukti Kit Instantly For Just Rs 2999/-

Make a Small Investment in yourself And Bring Everlasting Happiness in Your Life

Sincerely Yours,

Team Manroop Emo Mental Care

*PS....The Discount on Cover price can be withdrawn any time.

*PPS...A Free E-Mail Guidance by Internationally Acclaimed, Highly Qualified & Experienced Team of Manroop Emo Mental Care to Achieve the Desired Results and Life You Want.

*PPPS. Do you want to make yourself feel good by doing something nice for someone else?  If so, send this website address on to your friends so they can benefit from these
  life-changing programs too.


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