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Reprogram your Mind with this Powerful 7 Audio Session Pack and attract the True Soulmate of your dreams into your Life by activating the Power of Law of Attraction.

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Are you tired of wrong people, wrong choices, wrong relationships ?
Are you tired of being Alone ?
Do you think something is blocking your chances of getting married to the most Romantic partner ?
Do you want to attract your soulmate to you and into your life and to spend your life with that one person you are destined to be with ?

You don’t have to wait any longer to convert your desires of a Love filled married life with a Romantic Partner of your dreams into reality.

A Magical Blend of Bio Energy Healing & Spiritual Mind Programming is Flat Out the Easiest,Fastest,Effective And Most Powerful Way to Change Your Life Forever.Guaranteed!

Attract your Life Partner in your life by clearing your Energy System of all blockages, Recharging it for Raising your Vibrations, targeting your subconscious mind from all different angles and reprogram it to manifest your desires of Marrying to the best suitable partner with all Love filled qualities with our “Adarsh Jeevansathi Pack” prepared with a unique combination of Bio Energy Healing, various Biofeedback Therapies, Neuro Linguistic Programming & Subliminal Messaging.


Here’s What You Get in Adarsh JeevanSathi Pack 

This POWERFUL LIFE TRANSFORMATIONAL Spiritual Mind Programming Pack in combination with Bio Energy Healing comes in a set of 5 Mind Programming Sessions , 2 Subliminal Sessions and 108 Powerful Spiritual Healing Sessions of Reiki, Soul Healing & Theta Healing each.

1. Adarsh Jeevansathi Session-01 “Adarsh Jeevansathi”

This unique Session will help to align your mind and give you a massive advantage to help you attract your true soulmate naturally by eliminating the doubts and limiting beliefs which are sabotaging your efforts and instilling positive beliefs in your mind which will make you positive and give you an expectation that you will attract your soulmate into your life.

2. Adarsh Jeevansathi Session-02 “Akarshan Chumbak”

Love is the most powerful force in the universe, You have the ability to connect to that force. As you get in touch with Love’s magnetic force, you in turn can become magnetic. Through this Session you will strengthen your beauty from within. Increasing your attractive Energy and your positive vibrations, can draw your soulmate to you.


3. Adarsh Jeevansathi Session-03 “Atam Vishvas”

Just imagine stepping into your powerful subconscious mind and feeling empowered & positive about your experience with the opposite sex.
Change your limiting beliefs which have been preventing you from having confidence you want and put you on the path to successfully meeting people of opposite sex. This program is going to enhance your confidence with the opposite sex.

4. Adarsh Jeevansathi Session-04 “Madhur Sambandh”

This session will Reprogram your  Mind to develop longer, happier, healthier relationship and improve your life forever.
Mentally dissolve any fears of commitment & become more in tune with your partner to bring the right elements of a healthy relationship that are needed.
Change your mindset and thought patterns for the better. Allow yourself to open up more and discuss your feelings.

5. Adarsh Jeevansathi Session-05 “Pavittar Bandhan”

Get rid of all your Past Life Vows & Karmas which are obstructing your prospects of getting married. Remove all hurdles, resistance & blockages and enjoy a Happy Wdding with this powerful Mind Reprogramming session.

6. Adarsh Jeevansathi Subliminal Session -01 “Vivah Tarangein”

Our subliminal session directly targets your subconscious mind and penetrate deep inside your mind to give you the mindset of a Soulmate Magnet. It will destroy your limiting and sabotaging beliefs about marriage and replace them with positive thoughts focussed on attracting your Soulmate and will bring the true soulmate into your life easily, fastly and effortlessly.

7. Adarsh Jeevansathi Subliminal Session -02 “Vivah Mantra”

Manifest your desires in the form of attracting perfect Soulmate into your life and start living a Happy Married Life with this ALL POWERFUL Subliminal Mantras.


Spiritual Healings

The moment you buy this Adarsh Jeevansathi Pack and Get Registered with us, you will become automatically entitled to the following Healings :

1.”108- Distant Sessions” (Chi-Ball Method) of Usui Reiki,Karuna Reiki & Angelic Healing

These Spiritual Healing Sessions raise the vibratory level of your energy field in and around the physical body where negative thoughts and feelings are attached, thus clearing and healing the energy path ways, allowing the life force to flow in a healthy and natural way and prepare the Subconscious Mind for reprogramming of New Positive Beliefs.

2.”108 Remote Soul Healing Sessions”

“Heal the Soul First, then healing of the mind and body will follow” – Dr. Zhi Gang Sha,MD.

Soul can Heal, Boost Energy, Stamina, Vitality & Immunity, Prolong Life and Transform every aspect of Life including Finances and Relationships; as well as reach Enlightenment.

3.”108 Non Local Sessions of Theta-DNA Healing”

Theta Healing is an extra ordinary new technique that allows for immediate physical and emotional transformations & healings.
DNA Activation raises your vibrational frequency & cellular vibrations.It increase inner peace and calmness by shifting out of fear and doubt.

The big difference wanted to ensure of with this program is that the changes will last,and the ultimate result with this system is that you won’t even need it forever.

If You were to CHANGE YOUR LIFE forever,
You might notice that when You make this purchase,how easily those changes can occur !

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