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Super Memory, Instant Recall and Increased Concentration. These are few things which increased tremendously with Brain Power Tools Kit. I came to know about Brain Power Tools kit from a video and it exactly did what was told in the video. I wanted to perform better in my Exams and after completing the Brain Power course, i was able to set my goal, my focus,concentration, memory and recall improved and is still increasing as i am still regularly using the commands provided in the program. Thanks to the wonderful program and team of Manroop Miracle Mind.
Raman, Raipur
सर मेरा डिप्रेशन ठीक करने के लिए आपका बहुत शुक्रिया. काश मेरा आपसे 10 साल पहले संपर्क हुआ होता तो मुझे 10 साल जो मेडिसिन्स खानी पड़ी और पीड़ा झेलनी पड़ी शायद मैं उस से बच जाता. डिप्रेशन मुक्ति एक करिश्मा है और डिप्रेशन को जड़ से ख़तम करने के लिए एक अनिवार्य तरीका है. आपका दिल से शुक्रिया मेरा कॉन्फिडेंस वापिस लेन के लिए और डिप्रेशन को ख़तम करने के लिए. धन्यवाद् सर जी.
Thanks MMM for curing my problem completely. I am very thankful to your team for giving me Sarv Rog Mukti program. No medicines was working on my problem. I was in pain and depression all day long. But now i am totally healthy and my immunity has improved a lot. I am not taking any medicines now and totally healthy now. Thanks to Sarv Rog Mukti and Manroop Miracle Mind.
Nandini, Gujrat
Thanks Manroop Miracle Mind for your Antargyan Third Eye Course. Sir main apni Meditation aur Intuition ko bhadana chahti thi aur apke kahe anusar Third eye course ne meri Soul powers ko bahut bhada diya hai. Pehle mujhe laga tha ki third eye sirf gyan badhane tak seemit hai. Par course karne ke bad meri Telepathy powers aur Intuition bahut badh gaya. Maine kabhi socha nahi tha ki main kabhi itni energy feel bhi kar paungi. Par Third eye course se mujhe itna labh hua hai ki mera jeevan poori tarah se badal gaya hai. Ab mujhe bahut si cheeze intuite ho rahi hai aur pehle hi pata chal jati hai jisse mere decisions lena bahut hi asaan aur accurate ho gaye hai. Apki team ko dil se bahut dhanyawad. Manasvi
Hello Friends. First, I want to thanks MMM and Sir for creating Third Eye Meditation course and I wanted to share my personal experience. I am 39 years now and i was doing meditation since last 15 years. I was able to meditate but i was not able to feel inner peace that i wanted. Even after doing meditation i was not able to work on my chakras effectively. One day i was looking for Meditation techniques on youtube and i saw the video of Manroop Miracle Mind. The video changed my life. I immediately called MMM on their mobile and enquired about doing Meditation effectively. After listening to all my problems, Sir told me about the Third Eye Course. I thought if meditation can not do the things in last 15 years, how this course can do it in such a short time. But i had inner feeling that i need to try this, So after talking with the Team, i bought the Antargyan Vriddhi Third Eye course the next day. I was simply amazed that the technique provided in the course was amazing. After listening to first session, i was full of energy and i can feel that in every part of my body. I shared my experience with the team and they said its just the beginning. And as i continued to listen to sessions my energy, chakras started feeling the power. I am so happy that i am about near to completing my course and i am having magical experiences and my inner powers and antargyan have increased a lot. Sir i will share my experience again as soon as my course is completed. Thanks a lot. God Bless you and your team.
Kishore, Hp
Hi i am Garry from delhi. I wanted to thanks team Manroop Miracle Mind for helping me attract my Soulmate in my life. When i first called Team MMM, i was surprised to find that the person i was talking to is a Psychologist. I never imagined a Psychologist having knowledge of Universal Laws and Spiritual Healings. But Sir listened to my problem in detail. I told them about my problem of not being able to get married and failing to find my life partner. As suggested by the team , I used Adarsh Jeevansathi Program. First few days , I was doubtful about its working but after 2nd session , I was amazed to find an attractive soulmate to whom i am happily married now. All those who are looking for a true Soulmate, get Adarsh Jeevansathi Pack without doubt, as i am sure it will work for sure as it worked for me.
Garry, Delhi
Sir bahut bahut shukriya. Dhan Pravah Pack ne mera jeevan badal diya. Main apka bahut abhari hoon apne meri pareshani ko dhyan se suna aur samjha aur apke suggest kiye Pack dwara mera jeevan badal gaya. Meri arthik pareshaniya khatam karne ke liye main jeevan bhar apka abhari rahunga.
Haresh , UP
Thanks to Team Manroop Miracle Mind. My Life changed after doing Dhan Pravah course from your website. My Business was not doing well and i was getting frustrated. I bought the Dhan Pravah course with so many doubts in my mind. But within few days the changes started taking place. And upon completing the course as suggested by the Team, my financial position changed drastically and is still on a positive track. Thanks again for helping me.
I was lucky to get the manchaha rozgar from Manroop Miracle Mind. I went to different interviews and was so close to get a job but never heard anything back. I was so disappointed in myself and disheartened. After downloading the cd pack and listening to it, not only I got the best job in my favourite company but also realised how your subconscious brain actually works. It was a wonder and I would really like to thank the MMM team from the bottom of my heart and wish them all the best for the future.

Items 1 to 9 of 21 total

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