The Aim of all of our albums  is to naturally rewire your damaging habits & patterns helping to transform your life permanently.


Holistic Healing-A 5 Tier Process

Holistic Healing is a  5 tier process to Eliminate All  Physical,Mental,Emotional ,Financial & Spiritual Sufferings  at Grass Root Level To Bring About An Everlasting Personal  Transformation

Our  Every Unparallel Holistic Healing Program includes All the Five Essential Tiers Viz:

Ist Tier : Our Spiritual Healing Grandmaster Clear  & Remove of  all Negative Thought Forms & Entities which are the Root Cause of All Of Your Sufferings  from Your Bio Energy Field using Spirit Releasement Therapy thus releasing all resistances to your happy & blissfully abundant life.

IInd Tier : All blockages in your energy field ,which resulted from intrusion of entities,are unblocked using various bio energy healing therapies like Reiki,Angelic Healing etc. and smooth flow of energy is restored in your energy channels ,thus raising the vibratory level.

IIIrd Tier : Your soul, Mind & Body is  healed to bring about personal changes in  your physical,emotional ,mental & spiritual well being.All your previous karmas are healed and all organs and thought forms are harmonized  & synchronized with your Divine Purpose. This is brought about using Soul Mind Body healing Therapies.

IVth Tier : The defective  genes in your energy System are replaced and  your DNA is reactivated using the All Powerful Theta DNA Healing Techniques.

Vth Tier : New Beneficial Beliefs & Programs are downloaded deep into Your Subconscious Mind  through Our  Scientifically proven  unparallel Digital Audio Programs & Cds using a Magical Combination of Spiritual Hypnosis,Bio Feed Back Therapy,Creative Visualization,Neuro Linguistic Programming,Auto Suggestion Therapy & Reality Manifesting Meditation . All universal laws of Personal Transformations are activated in our systematically & specifically formulated Audio programs.


Outstanding Unparallel Features
Each Download/CD is packed with 8 Powerful Matchless Techniques to draw Peak Benefits…

Stage 1: Connecting  Your Higher Self with the Omniscient Source Energy in the Spiritual Realm.

Stage 2: Releasing all negative patterns in the presence of Divine Powers.

Stage 3: Cleaning & Recharging Your Energy System with Spiritual Healing.

Stage 4: Clearing  & Removing of detrimental & negative programs and downloading of New Positive Beliefs &  attitudes by the Divine Powers.

Stage 5: Laying a new positive foundation by Embedding Transformational Hetreo Suggestions in the mind system.

Stage 6: Cementing the changes together so that they last with Repetitive Suggestion Techniques.

Stage 7: Manifestation of Your Dreams by Empowering your Neuro System using Neuro Linguistic Programming Techniques and  Creative Visualization,enabling your Mind to Bring Guaranteed Results in a Shortest Possible Time. 

You Realize Your dreams in accordance with Universal Laws (Viz; Law of Attraction, Law of Vibration,Law of Divine Oneness,Law of Action, Law of Manifestation, Law of Gratitude,Law of Cause & Effect,The Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy,Law of Polarity,Law of Rhythm,Law of Gender.

Stage 8: An Additional Subliminal Messaging Track included in every Audio Program to bypass Conscious Intervention and Self Sabotage. This ensures the desired results in the shortest possible time frame. 


Why ‘Manroop Miracle Mind’?

Because Our Aim Is To Educate, empower and inspire YOU to become a conscious creator of your physical, emotional and spiritual reality. And to Help You in Bringing About Everlasting Personal Transformations filled with Abundance of Health, Wealth, Love, Happiness, Joy and Bliss with Our Products.

Because Our products are Unique,Matchless & Scientifically Proven.Every Audio Program is Supported & backed by a continous supply of Bio Energy Healing Modalities to fulfill the essentials of a Healing Process viz; CLEARING, UNBLOCKING, HEALING, ACTIVATING & PROGRAMMING OF NEW BELIEFS

Because No One Else Any Where in the World except Manroop Miracle Mind Eliminate Your Sufferings at  Core Level Using a  Miraculous blend of Bio Energy Healing & Mind Programming in a  5-Tier process.