Human Sufferings – The Cause and Cure

Human Sufferings – The Cause & Cure

Energy Healing

The Root Cause Of All Our Sufferings Is The Disruption in Our Energy System”

“Healing may not be so much about getting better, as about letting go of everything that isn’t you…all of the expectations, all of the beliefs, and becoming who you are.” Rachel Naomi Remen M.D.

Accepting that you are an energy being, we can utilise the techniques of Energy Healing for releasing “everything that is not you.” How can this be? The concept of each of us existing simply as energy is not a new idea. Science in the form of Quantum Physics and the Unified Field Theory have changed our perceptions of what we are made of. Atoms which were once considered as the smallest things that ever existed are in turn made up of subatomic particles, which have no solidity at all. Science tells us they are quite literally, packets or waves of information that vibrate. So YOU or the chair that you are sitting on while reading this, are simply packets of vibrating information and it’s possible to alter that vibration. The difficulty is understanding that we, as energy, exist on multiple dimensions.


So how is our energy flow disrupted?

During our early life we start collecting information that determines our programming. Genetic, social and cultural aspects will contribute to this programming. Over the years these pictures and programs we collect will govern the way we use our energy. We hold the information in our subtle energy systems and it determines how the energy moves through our chakras. The pictures or programs will remain there until such time as we start to realise that we create our experiences with the beliefs we hold…be they positive or negative.

The energy systems of the body (aura, chakras, nadis and meridians) are connected energetically to our physical organs, glands and bodily systems. When the energy supplied to these bodily systems is disrupted, the body organs and systems are less able to defend against disease and injury. In this same way, the health of our energy systems also determines our mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. If our energy systems are disrupted or blocked we are less able to cope, we feel stressed, which in turn has a negative impact on our physical being. Over a prolonged period this leads to ill health. If our energy systems are clear and balanced we will be in a better position to deal with situations and circumstances that might otherwise be perceived as stressful. 

Negative emotions, experiences, and patterns of thought all contribute to disrupting our energy flow. Negative patterns of energy passed from one generation to another are also common. In some healing sessions we have gone back five generations to release a particular energy pattern for a client.

Energetic healing facilitates a harmonising process by clearing blocks in the energy fields, repairing and re-balancing the energy. The body can then move to its optimal level of balance to heal itself. By working with the energy system we can access all seven levels of our existence to induce multi-dimensional healing.

Disease is our body’s mechanism of telling us that our energy is not flowing harmoniously and that something is not working in our lives. If we don’t pay attention to the initial messages the warnings will become more severe until we take notice. Once we are aware of this, we can regard illness in a more positive light, so long as we then act upon it and make appropriate changes necessary for healing. Our physical body is a most amazing barometer for our emotional health. Remember, if you fail to pay attention, you will pay with pain. Either physically, emotionally or even financially.

Energy is within and around us all the time, and it is our consciousness that enables us to activate it and make it vital. Just because we can’t see something, doesn’t mean it does not exist. We can’t see air, but we know we must breathe it to keep us alive. We also can’t see electricity, atoms, electromagnetic fields, sound, radio waves or the weather, yet we can see or hear the indirect results of these. Although everyone’s perceptions differ, more and more people are becoming aware of energy in some way and know it as a very “tangible” phenomenon.

“In our experience, unhealthy relationships are the greatest cause of poor health or performance in life. That’s relationship to SELF as well as to others. Negative emotions and patterns of thought are usually the basis of these poor relationships and are often carried through many generations. Past life issues can also cause dis-ease in this life.”


Causes of Energy Disruption

(1) Negative Thoughts and Emotions.
These are components of ill will. They include irritability, envy, jealousy, resentment, anger and hate. When these emotions are prolonged, they become attitudes. If the resentment and hate are regularly sent to the other party, the returning hateful emotions will be targeted at the perpetrator of these thoughts. On a daily basis, the sender of these emotions will gradually fall sick. The extreme of this situation is when the patient wishes the other person dead, the patient will finally kill himself with the hateful energies.

(2) Greed, Craving and Attachment. In the 4 noble truths of Buddhism, it has been diagnosed that craving, clinging and attachment are the cause of suffering. Loss of material possession, relationship and status and position (ego-conceit) does dull the lustre of one’s aura. This in turn tends to send the patient into depression, from whence other illnesses could accrue. Accumulation of wealth leads to power, which will give the owner control over others, and lust for sex may become a seductive past time. Thus, money, power and sex are the 3 great motivating forces of the modern world. Greed and attachment for these 3 items when pursued to an unsustainable level will definitely lead to illness. Failure to achieve one of the above three will also lead to anger and frustration.

(3) Fear, Anxiety and Worry. Constant worry and anxiety throughout one’s life are the best ingredients for sickness. And when worry turns to fear, which is quite usual in these cases, a steady depletion of one’s immunity is evident. This sequence of events quite often brings on depression. This lowering of immunity is manifested in the patient suffering repeated bouts of colds and influenza. Finally cancer or other serious illnesses will ensue, if nothing is done to reverse the situation.

(4) Comparison, Judgement and Criticisms are other negative traits to be avoided. To keep up with the Jones’s entails a lot of effort and envy. Judgement also means criticism and resentment. Lastly frustration will result if one cannot keep up. Again a lowering of immunity will result.

(5) Internal Conflict will take place when what one desires is in conflict with the law or social mores. This constant internal nagging is sufficient to cause illnesses to occur. Repressed sexual urge or having to put up an appearance of goodness will also produce internal conflict.

(6) Grief, Desire for Revenge and Insecurity are all negative emotions which can damage one’s aura and block one’s chakra. Insecurity normally will result in a poor self-image. Prolonged grief for a diseased loved one is most damaging. It invariably leads to depression. From this point onwards, many diseases can add on to it.

(7) Pride and Selfishness are the opposite of the above, and yet these traits may also damage one’s aura and chakras. Having these negative traits mean we have to keep ourselves taut all the time. We cannot relax.

(8) Stress. In our modern times, stress is much more prevalent because the pace is much faster than before. There is now more greed, envy and anger, because of our materialistic age of Pisces. There appears to be more perfectionists around. Stress is entirely dependent on our own reaction to events outside of us. In could range from a very small incident to a very gigantic situation. The more affluent one is, the more sensitive is the person who is then more easily stressed. Examples of situations that may produce stress are:
a) loss of job, money and loved ones,
b) divorce or separation,
c) retirement or entering a new job,
d) illness or injury and release from the hospital,
e) birth of child and child leaving home.
One can go on ad infinitum. It could even include daily, badly cooked meals! Science has found out that when one is stressed there are chemicals that travel from the brain through the blood stream to all the peripheral tissues e.g. the muscles. The muscles will then tense up, or the stomach will secrete excessive acid. If the stress is prolonged, then one’s immunity will be eroded and an illness will ensue. This illness in turn will produce more stress.

(9) Guilt and other Negative Thoughts. Some of the guilt that we harbour may be or may not be justified. These may include injury to others or divorce of our parents etc. Sometimes it is due to our conscience pricking us due to our religious upbringing. Whatever it is this type of negative thought may be changed or reversed with contemplation and meditation. Negative thoughts usually are accompanied by negative emotions, which will erode our resistance to diseases. Some people purposely create a disease in order to escape a situation, like having to move to another country. When that difficult situation is solved, the disease disappears.

(10) Karma and ‘G’ (life) plan. Sometimes the disease is due to our karma accrued either in this life or in the past life. In this situation, we can do very little about it except to bear it and work on it. If in our ‘G’ plan, we have decided on a certain life style or environment, and in our life we veer from that plan, then an illness will transpire to remind us of our ‘G’ plan. ‘G’ plan is the life plan we contracted in the spirit world before we come into this world.

(11) Obsession and Possession. In some cases, earth-bound spirits may be attached to their love ones who are still living. This individual will suffer from lack of energy, irritability, and loss of appetite and insomnia. This will continue until he loses weight with lack of concentration, and finally he ends up in a clinic complaining of severe inertia and loss of weight. The doctor runs a series of tests, which are all normal. There is no diagnosis. In this state the patient may finally expire, unless he obtains appropriate help from a spiritual healer. In possession, the individual’s character is totally changed, and a good healer can exorcise the earth bound spirit with one or several sessions.

(12) Self Abuse. This is very commonly seen in those who are alcoholics, drug addicts and cigarette smokers. This problem is self-evident. There are many social organizations available to tackle these addictions. The healer may help to a varying extent depending on whether the patient is willing to cooperate and seek the other agencies as well. The drug addict or alcoholic is a frequent victim of possession. The earth- bound spirit who was a drug addict when alive, normally hangs around dens of drug addicts, because they are still addicted to drugs even though they are dead. So when a drug addict is in a semi-comatose state the spirit will move into the body of the living addict to more fully enjoy the drug.





The patient must identify all the above causes first. Then with the help of the healer the patient must then deal with these negative traits. The most powerful weapon that is available is forgiveness. The patient must forgive himself first of all. Then he must ask for forgiveness from the other person who he has been resenting or to whom anger is directed. The patient must also forgive the other person who has done wrong to him in the past. This forgiveness must be genuine and right from the heart, and the message must also be transmitted to the perpetrator. The patient then must practice awareness so that if there is any negative thought, criticism or judgement that arises, straightaway that thought has to be changed. Changing jobs or environment can eliminate stress. It is more difficult to change one’s spouse, but a divorce may save the patient’s life. In this instance, a detailed and heart felt discussion is very necessary with the spouse. It may take several sessions before any result can ensue. Guilt is quite a damaging emotion, and in this case one should seek a wise friend or a counsellor in order to get rid of the guilt. The guilt could be totally unwarranted!


Bio Energy Healing

bio energy healingEnergy Healing is an umbrella term for any therapy that stimulates the energy flow in and around the physical body to restore harmony. Some of the more well know therapies that could fall under the heading of “energy healing” include Reiki, Reflexology, Kinesiology, Pranic Healing,Soul Healing,Theta Healing, Thought Field Therapy, Acupuncture and Tong Ren Therapy. Even Yoga could be considered a type of energy healing. Yoga, the Sanskrit word for “union”, is a practice that uses posture and breathing techniques to induce relaxation, improve strength and flexibility. A union between body and spirit, an essential ingredient for energy to flow.

There are in fact hundreds of modalities. Energy healing also encompasses lesser known natural therapies such as: Aura and Chakra balancing, Crystal Healing, Colour Therapy and Spiritual Healing, among others. The knowledge of energy healing has been used for centuries and there is plenty of evidence to show that energy balance creates an environment for our body to self-heal.

So there are many types of Energy Healing The art of healing is within the capacity of everyone. The true skill comes from the ability to combine different frequencies to induce a particular effect. And different effects my be needed across different dimensions.

Part of the magic of Energy Healing is that it can be transferred to anyone, anywhere in the world with very positive results. As  described previously, we are all made up of energy, as is everything around us. It is the most basic building block of life, but like the air we breathe we usually can’t see it. Energy flows through everything and creates everything. Even our thoughts and emotions are energy. It is just a difference in the resonance that gives us the illusion of substance.

In Manroop Emo Mental Care, our intent is to reach the root cause of a particular issue and clear it on all levels, lifetimes and bodies. That means looking at your current life back to conception and beyond if necessary. It means addressing hereditary genetic patterns if needed. It means cutting cords or attachments to relationships that hinder you and releasing emotional pain. It means directing energy to specific areas of the body to dissolve blockages. And when necessary it means releasing inter-dimensional interferences that are affecting your life. Our intent is to achieve this within three sessions for any one particular issue. It’s all about creating balance, allowing you to flow as an energy being so that you may create harmony in your life.

“Team Manroop sends distant Healings of various modalities of Bio Energy Healing,viz;Reiki Healing ,Soul Healing,Theta Healing,Angelic Healing etc.”


How Does Distant Healing work?

The human body as well as the entire Universe is a powerful system of infinite energy. It is truly an illusion that we are separated from one another. All of life is connected to a universal energy field, which is also referred to as the web of life. Even the smallest particle is a hologram of all that exists. So when one part of the web is influenced, the whole web and all that is connected to it is changed. From the perspective of a healer, every individual has their own unique frequency signature. Just like we dial a specific phone number to connect with a loved one or friend, you and I are connected with intention and focused consciousness which is transmitted through the universal energy field and received by the person. All of life is consciousness and energy and is not limited to space or time. Everything is this world is energy, according to quantum physics, and this energy has conciousness/intelligence. Even matter is not just matter. It was once energy and information made manifest into the physical plane. We are energy beings having a physical experience. Our body is made manifest through spirit/energy/higher levels of consciousness/Source. So to heal the body we must go to the mind and spirit.

How Distance Healing works ..An Analogy

Let’s look at this symbolic analogy

Imagine an ice cap at top of a mountain, and see this ice cap as representing your own Spiritual Body Level. Now imagine the melted ice, river flowing down along the side of the mountain, representing your Mental Body Level. And further down, is your Emotional Body Level. Finally, as the journeying water pools into a lake at the base of the mountain, imagine this lake as your Physical Level.

So often we work only at the lake, or the physical level, to clean up the pollution. When in fact, the source of the problem usually originates at a higher level, from the emotional, mental or even spiritual level.

In order to truly purify a lake, or a body, one must do so at the source, or cause of the problem. This is the natural order from which the true healing process takes place.

This is how we work with you, in succession, addressing all aspects of each of your body’s priorities. One priority may have an emotional component and have a spiritual aspect to address. And another priority may include something on the physical level and have a psychological/mental component, as well as the need to balance one of the subtle bodies or seals/charkas.  

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