Soul Healing

What is Soul Healing

Soul healing is based on the principles that the “soul can heal” and “heal the soul first and the healing of the mind and body will follow.” When a person becomes sick, the souls of the organ, system and cells become sick first.

Energy and matter in the body are carriers of a “message.” Dr. Sha proposes that soul, or message or spirit, are all terms that can be used interchangeably. Every smallest matter, DNA/RNA, cell, cell unit, organ and system of a body carries a “message” that influences how the transformation between energy and matter occurs on a cellular level.

A healthy cell constantly contracts and expands, changing matter inside the cell to energy outside the cell and energy outside the cell to matter inside the cell. Matter resonates and vibrates to radiate energy. Energy is “chi” in traditional Chinese medicine. As long as the energy and matter are in relative balance, one is healthy. If there is too much energy or matter then one is sick or has chi (energy) blockages.

As a master of many ancient healing disciplines along with medical intuitive abilities, Dr. Sha and his spiritual father and mentor, Master Zhi Chen Guo, (who is renowned in China as the one who can “cure the incurable”) discovered how the message or soul of a cell unit, an organ or body system can be transformed, and how this can affect both matter and energy blockages that are the root cause for imbalances on a cellular level. Soul Mind Body Medicine techniques work by releasing blockages on a cellular level, thus allowing energy to flow freely and restore health.


Why is Soul Healing Important ?

“Karma is the root cause of success and failure in every aspect of life.”

Karma is the record of good and bad service throughout one’s lifetimes. The soul is the carrier of karma from lifetime to lifetime. Therefore, when you heal the soul first the mind and body will follow.

In the past, mind over matter served a purpose. Now soul is the boss. Soul over matter is the key. This means that when you address the message (the soul) of the thought, word or action; event, experience, or blockage; be it physical, emotional, mental or spiritual; then you are addressing the source. Karma is the root cause of all blockages in life and because of karma we must clear these bad spiritual debts.

If you have a debt, you can pay it off with “spiritual money” or virtue. Virtue is the record of all your good services or good karma and is earned by good service, like love, forgiveness, kindness, compassion, honesty and generosity.

Another key tool for removing spiritual blockages that are the root cause for many chronic and life threatening illnesses is the Universal Meditation for Forgiveness. Dr. Sha says, “Divine love melts all blockages, including soul, mind, and body blockages. Divine forgiveness brings inner joy and peace. Divine compassion boosts energy, stamina, vitality, and immunity. Divine light heals, prevents sickness, rejuvenates, and prolongs life.”

These are ways of clearing your karma. Soul Healing, Soul Communication and Soul Wisdom are all ways to offer service and increasing good karma.These soul healing techniques will be the future medicine on the planet.




How does Soul Healing work ?

The Four Power Techniques

The techniques utilize the power of body postures, sacred healing mantras, creative visualization power of the mind, and the most important aspect—the power of soul. Each one by itself is a treasure and highly effective; in combination, they are extraordinarily powerful.

Soul healing restores the light and divine presence to the soul, which is the “boss” of the mind and body. Self-healing uses the Four Power Techniques. Sound power, body power, mind power and soul power to bring about healing on all levels. The most important power is “Soul Power,” which is the unique contribution of Dr. Sha. “The power of soul is soul over matter, which means soul can heal; boost energy, stamina, vitality, and immunity; prevent sickness; rejuvenate; prolong life; and transform every aspect of life, including relationships and finances; as well as reach enlightenment.


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