Aura- The Human Energy Field

Aura – The Human Energy Field

It is a subtle and ethereal magnetic force produced by emanation. All bodies possess this magnetic field that radiates like sunbeams emanating from the sun. It may be photographed by the camera Kirliam, and although not seen by the naked eye can be trained to view it.

The aura is a subtle extension of the personality, because it can establish sensory connections, energy, very different from the physical contact. Sorry instinctive attraction or repulsion, for no apparent reason.

The aura is constantly changing according to the character of each is influenced by emotions, passions and feelings, so our character is projected into the aura.

Everything that happens in the physical body, first occurs in the aura, so you can intervene to prevent the auric field through Reiki and other vibrational therapies.

Researchers have identified seven layers or strata (some speak of more layers) that are different. The odd layers have a more defined structure and is even less structured, almost flowing, colorful, constantly moving. All layers interact, some influence on the others.

Each layer is associated with each of the seven major chakras, therefore each endocrine gland. The first three layers, or bodies (etheric body, emotional body and mental body), metabolize energy of the physical world. The fourth layer (astral body), is the bridge between the physical with the spiritual. The top three layers (etheric body, celestial body and causal body) related to metabolize spiritual energy world. Sometimes names vary according to researcher layers.



The Auric Fields

1 – Ethereal body (0.5 to 5 cm.), Also called bioplasma, ectoplasmic or etheric double or etheric body. Penetrates the physical body and is actually part of it. Vitalizes and sustains the physical body until his death. Contains power of tissues, glands and organs. Expands or retracts according to the operation of them.

2 – Emotional Body (. 2.5 to 7.5 cm), is entering the etheric body, is the transmitter of our emotions, desires, passions. They are especially bright and changeable this body irradiation (consisting of colorful clouds, constantly moving and oval appearance) which describe the seers, when they see the aura.

3 – Mental body (. 7.5 to 20 cm), transmitter of thought, has a more subtle and less defined structure. Contains our mental processes, our ideas, and generally appearing to the seers shaped golden aura. When unbalanced, it is translucent and golden emanations like bubbles.

4 – Astral body (15 to 30 cm.), Composed of multicolored clouds coming from extrasensory perceptions and emotions.

5 – Ethereal Body-pattern (45 to 60 cm.), Structured energy field, which grows on the physical body.

6 – Heavenly Body (. Between 60 and 90 cm), is the emotional level of top, through which we experience the spiritual ecstasy. Is the level of identification with the upper consisting of points of light.

7 – Causal body (. Between 75 and 100 cm), contains impressions and past experiences. It is the strongest and most resilient level of the auric field. Contains mainstream force that moves along the spine.

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