Bio Energy Healing

Bio Energy Healing


Every living thing is made up of a physical body and an energy field. Since life forms an electrical activity, this creates some electromagnetic fields, which form the human aura.

Every human being is made up of countless forces that create electromagnetic fields that are constantly interacting.

Everything is energy. Rocks and trees, vegetables and flowers. Energy vibrates at different frequencies, which result in different manifestations. Some energy we see, and some we don’t. If you don’t see it, does not mean its not there. Think about the electricity inside the wire: you do not see it, still it turns the light bulb on, as you use the switch.

Bio-Energy healing is an effective, holistic technique for the treatment of physical illness, emotional blocks, mental obstacles and spiritual issues.  It is based on the understanding that each of us is a complex, interactive energy system.  Science has begun to recognize that several subtle bodies surround the physical body – much like Russian nesting dolls.  When you are healthy, life energy (or chi ) flows freely through your energy field, providing a sense of self-assurance, groundedness and a feeling of being in harmony with yourself and the world.

However, if you have been experiencing a significant amount of stress, persist in holding on to past emotions, or have developed a belief system that is out of alignment with your life’s purpose – the energy within your bio-energetic field will become stagnant or even blocked.  This “stuck” energy tends to crystallize around core issues that, up to now, you have not been ready to face, or simply did not have the specific knowledge or tools to do so.

Although you may remain unconscious of what is going on in your energy field, your higher mind is completely aware of what is happening.  In order to restore balance, it will seek to make you conscious of the problem –  through the “alarm bells” of illness, depression, addiction, relationship disharmony or some other type of trauma.  You may become confused, lost or even fearful as you search for a means to help you return back to health…

Bio-Energy Healing provides the means to overcome this crisis.  Emotions and thoughtforms from past experiences are cleared out of your energy field.  Now, energy can flow smoothly along its proper pathways – and the body heals.  The mind, too, returns to a more open and receptive state, allowing higher intelligence to enter and quietly remove the obstacles that were preventing you from enjoying your natural state of health and well-being.

 Let us see why a cure is made with the laying on of hands.

All living matter radiates an energy field or vitality, and this energy can be varied and complex reasons scarce or elaborate, or just have information or another. Of course the lack of energy causes shrinkage physical substance, they do not vibrate, not having vitality, which is in depressed state. And through our healing touch we can make that zone is restored and copper back that joy of life or vitality.

Any energetic imbalances and even physical or emotional conditions may be fixed energetically with bio-energy healing. Bio-energy healing may be described as healing performed on the bio-energy field at close distances. Healers balance and normalize a healee’s bio-energy system, relieving blockages or stale energy, making the healee’s energy flow freely in the system and balancing it.


 Benefits of Bio-Energy Healing

  •  Energy healing can transform your life.
  •  It can help you release old thought patterns that are holding you back.
  •  It can help you release addictions.
  •  It can help you find the courage to make changes.
  •  It can help you free yourself from draining relationships.
  •  It can help you connect with your soul mate.
  •  It can help you find inner peace.
  •  It can help you discover your life path.
  •  It can help heal you from physical ailments.
  •  It can help you release depression.
  •  It can help you rediscover joy in life.
  •  It can help you manifest a successful career.
  •  It can release the roadblocks standing between you and your ideal life.
  •  It can make you happy again



bio energy healing principles

 Basic Principles of Energy Healing

  Listed below are some principles common to all energy healing.

  • Everything is energy.
  • We are energetic beings.
  • Energy follows thought.
  • Universal life energy can be directed through the hands to facilitate healing.
  • Our attention is a like a beam of energy and affects whatever it is focused on, hence energy healing does not have to be hands-on.
  • We have an energy anatomy just as we have a physical anatomy
  • The physical body can be considered the densest expression of the human energy field.
  • Changes in the human energy field are expressed in the body in the course of time.
  • Greater coherence, flow and balance in the human energy field can facilitate healing.
  • Free flow of energy is essential to health and well-being.
  • An individual with greater coherence in the energy field can positively affect the energy field of someone whose field is less coherent.
  • The energy healer is able to enhance his/her own energy field sufficiently to positively affect the energy field of the healee.
  • Becoming centered and thus creating greater coherence in our energy field not only promotes self-healing but is the basis of using our energy field to support the healing of another.
  • The healer can influence the energy field of the healee in a variety of ways – through the medium of the hands, attention, and use of his/her own energy field. A kind of resonance takes place between the two fields, set in motion by mutual intention.
  • Various models depict the energy field as being in layers, which include layers which support the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of life.
  • Energy is the common denominator in all levels of human life; therefore energy healing is automatically holistic.
  • Energy healing involves one or more of the following:
  • Increasing the energy available to be used for healing,
  • Facilitating the smooth flow of energy throughout the energy field through removal of blocks or congestion,
  • Altering the quantity and/or quality of energy in various parts of the energy field,
  • Creating greater symmetry and balance in the energy field, and/or
  • Restructuring the energy field


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