Spiritual Hypnosis

Spiritual Hypnosis

What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a state of consciousness one enters and leaves naturally all the time during your day-to day experiences. It feels very much like day dreaming i.e., the state between sleeping and waking. Hypnosis is a guided fantasy. In this state of relaxation you are more open to suggestions. In this state (also called alpha) your brain wave vibration rate slows down, giving you access to your Subconscious Mind. While your Conscious Mind is still completely aware of what is going on the whole time, in this relaxed state of mind, your subconscious mind has the ability to accept information given to it by the hypnotist.

Hypnosis is a state of heightened suggestibility. We are all influenced by suggestions. Hypnosis uses this natural human process to change negative patterns into positive patterns of behavior.


How Does Hypnosis Work?

Hypnosis is a different state of ordinary waking state. You still awake, as you are now reading this article, you have most of your attention fully focused on external stimuli to you: the sounds, the words, the images on this page, the light and the colors you perceive … The state Hypnosis is a state in which attention focuses almost entirely within you, what is going on inside you, it’s like your mind otherwise disconnect for a while from the outside, and just had its attention fully put into your processes inmates. It is a pleasant and relaxing sensation, connection of the person herself, and experiential level is very similar to what it feels like just before falling asleep, a guided relaxation or deep meditation. It is our usual state, but is a been well known to everyone, because they often enter it without being aware of it, in situations like being locked in a novel, imagining the story we read, not listen to someone who speaks or not be aware of the noises outside. Or when we drive we focused on some thought and came to the destination without even realizing. That we have been in a hypnotic trance experience.

The therapeutic trance, ie, hypnosis practiced by therapists, is to use and take advantage of this special state of trance to solve problems, find new solutions to old problems, or develop new patterns of behavior. In that state the limitations of our Out thoughts are altered, allowing the person to be receptive to new thinking patterns that you want to develop and provide to solve a specific problem or improve their overall personal development. Through exercises, visualizations, memory recovery, direct instructions .. . doing it will unconsciously change in behavior or thoughts of natural, simple and lasting way.

Hypnosis is a very effective tool to communicate directly with the unconscious mind. Few people realize the power of our unconscious mind has over us … but many of our automatic and routine behaviors, thoughts and customs are based on experiences, ideas or memories that our conscious mind may not remember … and however in the unconscious mind are engraved these experiences and unconscious memories, and there are always available to access them in special states of consciousness. Hypnosis helps to access those memories, and transform patterns or patterns of positive and safe manner, whereby changes are achieved in unwanted habits quickly.

Hypnosis is a state of expanded consciousness, during which they are working and are available all our abilities, unlike during wakefulness, that we are not easily accessible all our resources and capabilities. This state is the therapist fail to access, to bring awareness and develop any skill or latent potential so that they start to show significant changes in the day-to-day person, related to the objectives and goals of the person . important thing about this technique is that she manages to connect directly with the unconscious mind, allowing for a deep and pleasant therapeutic work and get the results desired by the person who comes to the query.



How it works

Every action starts with a thought. This is what guides us and helps us deal with life on its own terms. When we have to make decisions we use our faculty of the brain to think and reason about what we are facing so we can come to some positive conclusion that is most beneficial to ourselves and hopefully to those around us. It doesn’t matter what our station in life may be, we all use the same avenue that allows us to make decisions by what we experience, see or hear. If we think bad thoughts, bad things happen to us. If we think good thoughts, good things happen to us.

This way of thinking we believe comes from our consciousness. It dictates the way we think and reason about what has happened in our life and has a direct influence on the outcome of whatever problem or issue we happen to face. This conscious level controls how we discern our surroundings at any given time. But did you know that the conscious level of the mind is only involved in what we perceive? That’s right. The conscious level only takes in what the eyeballs and ears take in and initially deposit that information. However, the process does not end there, for another step is involved.

There is another level of the brain that has more control over our thoughts than the conscious level does. This is the subconscious. The subconscious is what really processes our thoughts that come into our conscious mind. The subconscious mind takes those thoughts and processes them for us to act on. The final process is delivered to our conscious mind in the form of feedback that we interpret as our thoughts. These thoughts also direct our emotions. As you can see the thought process is very powerful.

When these thoughts come to our conscious mind, they may or may not be in harmony with our programming – programming that was ingrained into us when we were little ones. This is programming we received starting at the day of our birth. And so we may reject some thoughts because of our limited beliefs.


Your Sub Conscious Mind …

You can think of the subconscious mind as something like a computer. When you first purchase a computer you have the hardware that allows it to function the way it was intended. You have the box the CPU is stored in, the monitor, keyboard, mouse, CD or DVD drive, and hard drive. Everything is there and in place. There is one problem, though. Without the operating system that computer is worthless. The operating system is a set of written code, or instructions if you will, that controls all the hardware on your system. As soon as the operating system is installed on your computer, suddenly it works and you can now use it for whatever your purpose was when you turned it on. Plus, you can add more programming to it so it can perform all sorts of different functions besides the basics it came with. When you perform a task, you are doing it without thinking about what the computer is doing. However, the computer is constantly sending electronic signals back and forth just so you can use that software. You are not conscious of it, but it works.

The mind works the same way. You have the conscious mind, which as stated before is our current state of awareness. This is where we receive images and hear sounds that are interpreted as thoughts in our consciousness. If you compare the conscious to the computer, the conscious would be a text editor. You bring it up on your screen and start typing a document. As we type the words on the screen, we are constantly making decisions as to what to say, if the format is right, the spelling is correct, etc. In our brain, our conscious is the decision maker to a degree. It takes in all our input and tells the subconscious when to go to work to process that input. After the subconscious mind does what it needs to do, the conscious mind reacts to the results the subconscious mind produces then decides what to do next and feeds that information to the subconscious for processing.


If you compare the subconscious mind to the computer, it is the operating system. It contains all our memory, habits, beliefs, personality, and more. The subconscious mind also controls the body. It will store information and act on it. The subconscious acts on whatever it is given by using predefined instructions (just as an operating system does) that basically tells it what to do and how to do it. Of course, the body itself is the output of the computer, or the screen. It responds to the programming by doing or reacting to what was intended by the subconscious mind. And what is awesome about this whole endeavor is that it does all this automatically.


Therefore, the mind has two areas or functions – the conscious and subconscious. Without these, we would be just like a computer without the operating system – a box of hardware that does absolutely nothing. This is why conditioning or feeding the subconscious mind the correct input is vital to our existence.

Think about it. If you have a bad experience at some point in your life, your conscious mind will take that in as input and send that input to your subconscious mind for processing. The result is that bad experience will stay locked up in your memory bank for later recall. So when you face that same or similar experience later, the subconscious automatically retrieves the memory so you can feel the same sensations you did previously.


Not everyone knows that there is a non-physical barrier that lies between our conscious and subconscious that works to prevent anything from reaching our subconscious mind that is not in harmony with what our previous programming was. This can be a good thing, for it protects us from any negative thoughts or prevents any unknown or unwanted thoughts from entering into our subconscious mind.

If this area of our brain is designed to prevent unwanted thoughts from entering our subconscious, how did we get programmed in the beginning?

Let’s take a look at this to see how this was possible. When we examine programming we find there are three types we go through in life.

The first one, genetic, is part of our heritage. It is programming that comes from our genes. This includes how our body functions, our personality, the talents we develop, etc.

The second type of programming involves our environment. This is what we learn as we grow up including our name, our sense of who we are and what we are about, how to read and write, how to dress, how to keep ourselves clean, eventually how to drive when we get old enough, how to get along with others around us, and more.

The programming receive from our environment also includes what we learned from our parents, TV, the movies, our peers, our teachers, what we read, what we are told from others, and commercials on TV and radio. Anything that originates in the environment has to do with this type of programming.

The third type of programming, is one you will normally not hear about or read about, because it is an area of our brain that scientists have kept secret because they are either scared by it, or don’t fully understand it. This third level of programming has to do with what is referred to as mass mind. or “race mind” as certain people call it. Some call it human race consciousness. Some doctors also called it the collective unconscious.

This is the type of programming that we absorb without even knowing it and includes the beliefs and attitudes we have about our family, our country, our culture, our ethnic background, and our socio-economic status in life. The reason this type of programming is rarely discussed in psychiatry or even in medical journals is because we don’t even realize this is programming. We think it is just a way we run our lives and we accept it that way.

We are programmed the same way a computer is programmed. We are fed thoughts just as a computer is fed thoughts, only our programming is done by actual words, while a computer is programmed by machine language or code. This code is in the form of numbers and is done in a logical sequence.

Subconscious programming is not done simply by thoughts that are repeated over and over on a consistent basis. Instead, it involves neurological patterns that occur within our cellular structure. And since our bodies are made up of millions of cells, whatever is in our subconscious mind can affect our health for good or bad. This is why if we are to try to change our lives, we need to do more than change our thoughts, we have to go deeper than that and change our programming.

Changing our programming involves many series of steps and processes that will be discussed. The main point to remember here is that our cellular level has to change if we want our bodies and our lives to change.

There are two ways in which we can reprogram ourselves. The first way is what scientists call the “quantum leap” method. This is when you get a conscious awareness of some extreme event that literally changes your thoughts and attitudes. An example of a change like this could be when someone has been diagnosed with a fatal disease and knows he will die in a certain time, but suddenly a miracle occurs and the person is cured of the disease.

The other way to reprogram our minds is through repetition and reinforcement

It is not just a matter of saying a word or phrase over and over again. You must perform some technique that will break that barrier that prevents certain thoughts or signals from gaining entry into the subconscious area. This area is very strong and impermeable. It is like using a hammer on a cement block. If you strike it enough times you will chip away at it; so too with the brain. You have to feed it a lot of continuous thoughts that basically repeat the same words or phrases over and over again.

It is like learning a new skill. Unless you are a genius or extremely intelligent, you have to practice that skill for a time until you have it so ingrained in your mind that it becomes a part of you or becomes second nature, because the repetition has entered your subconscious mind and is now working from there.

If you ever bought subliminal tapes you will find they work because the signals or thoughts do not push into that barrier. Instead the signals go directly into the subconscious and plant themselves there. And as the thoughts are being directed to you, your subconscious mind collects these thoughts and retains them, and locks them away in your memory banks forever.

The Audio programs of Manroop Emo Mental Care & Manroop Miracle Mind, are packed with techniques that will help you to change your mindset and alter your subconscious programming so that you can change your way of thinking and live life the way you intend…

Every step in the process may seem intimidating to you at first because you have held your beliefs for so long that any change will seem scary if not downright terrifying. But it is at this time you have to put your blinders on and just go with the process, otherwise you will never see change occur in your life.

People live in a comfort zone. Whether it is good or bad, they live in a zone that they are familiar with. What may seem to us as pain is pleasure to them. If this description fits you, the only way to turn your life around is to be convinced that your pain is not pleasure but pain. This will force you to want change. This can be done with subconscious programming. But the initial stage has to be set and that begins with you. You are the one who has to decide to change. No one else can make that decision for you. It really depends on how badly you want change. If you are tired of living in your pain but want to live in peace, joy, pleasure, and have a good life, you need to alter your thoughts and those altered thoughts will in turn lead you to change which will in the end change your feelings. Your life will actually take on a new meaning and you’ll be grateful you took the step forward.

So if you are ready to take the plunge and begin the life-long process of change, you need to take that first step and that involves your mindset 


Spiritual Hypnosis



A Transpersonal or Spiritual approach to hypnosis and hypnotherapy does not require a belief in a personal deity, a religion, or a belief in the existence of an immortal soul. However, it does require a willingness to explore the possibility that within each one of us is an inner wisdom and intuition that can guide us through our life experiences. At the heart of Transpersonal or Spiritual Hypnotherapy is the belief that as we connect with this higher awareness we do transform. As we transform, we are emboldened to create the life we envision for ourselves

Transpersonal and Spiritual Hypnotherapy utilizes breathing and relaxation techniques, and guided imagery to induce a hypnotic state. In addition to reprogramming the unconscious / subconscious mind with predetermined suggestions and goals, we uncover your inner resources.

Repeatedly, clients report that they are able to connect with their guides, angels, and other high beings after one session. Others say their connection to the Divine has strengthened, their hearts are more open, their relationships heal, and they are able to exchange unfulfilling jobs for the work of their heart.

We believe we are spiritual beings having a human experience. Within each one of us is a sacred, holy being that recognizes the inherent wholeness and perfection of self and others. This deeper understanding connects us to the collective Oneness of All, and the Light of the Universe.


We use Spiritual Hypnosis to align the Will of the Conscious mind and the Power and Intention of your Sub Conscious mind with the deeper Soul Intention of your Super Conscious mind. This work is at the level of Soul – that deepest dimension of the Self that is still personal (next stop is Source, Spirit or Oneness which is deeply impersonal). In the Super Conscious mind we access the deepest level of Intention – the Intention of our Soul. Without alignment with our Soul Intention we are caught in some of the most deepest degrees of anxiety and suffering that there is – a loop of empty meaninglessness.. Working at this depth can provide profound insights into the nature of your reality as well as life transforming results.

In Manroop Audio programs,your soul is connected with the Source Energy  through a specially formulated Spiritual Induction  and  personal transformations are effected at soul level,the core of your being,using the various techniques of mind programming. Moreover a subliminal sound track of soul healing & programming is added in every audio program to magnify the results.


The kinds of issues you can address with the tools of Spiritual Hypnosis are limited only by your imagination… but the following is a list of things you may like to remedy through any of the forms of Spiritual Hypnosis:

  • find out the deeper nature of Self
  • better understand the nature of the Universe
  • uncover your deeper life purpose and reasons for existence
  • clear blocks in abundance
  • remedy relationship issues and better understand karmic connections with loved ones
  • correct negative behavior patterns
  • address addictive patterns
  • create a more peaceful family unit or working environment
  • better understand the parent-child dynamic and your unique challenges therein
  • eradicate fears, phobias and other irrational behaviors
  • remedy stress and anxiety
  • carve out a future that embraces and supports your highest potential

and much, much more……

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